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Land Use Code (LUC)  Project / Tucson Website

The LUC simplification project is probably not simple but it is has been ongoing for almost 2 years.  It is intended to clean up the current LUC piece by piece until it fits a vision for a prop-2007 proof land use code that better fits Tucson’s emerging development paradigm.   Paradoxically, a totally new and modern zoning code, the Unified Development Code (UDC) is emerging right by its side.  Wierd?  Not so!…  It is being designed to ultimately replace the LUC.  The LUC will remain as a pre-proposition 2007 alternative to the UDC, long enough to deal with lingering “prop-207” challenges that are expected to impact the UDC.  Ladd Keith perhaps explains the motives behind all of this in his blog, what’s next for cities & urbanism.

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