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Understanding Tucson Government

city hallTRRG, Tucson Residents for Responsive Government, set sail in May of 2013 to focus entirely on process in Tucson from the perspective of the people who live here.  It is a grassroots organization that responded to years of failed process.  A big part of TRRG’s philosophy is to doggedly remain focused process building between residents and their government.  That notion promises success as TRRG looks to be a powerful influence in elevating dialogue between our government and those it serves.  It starts with understanding what that is.   This Saturday, 9/27/14, from 1:00 – 4:00 PM, TRRG is facilitating a free education forum at the Ward 6 Council Office, 3202 E. 1st Street.  Acting City Manager, Martha Durkin is a special guest.  The forum is in two parts;  1) The City Charter and 2) The City Manager’s Office.  All are invited encouraged to intend.  

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Permitting Infill & Adaptive Reuse; Entitlement Hurdles.

InfillPermitting Infill and adaptive reuse projects in the core of Tucson usually means justifying a new use entitlement in areas that are older and filled with hurdles that smaller initiatives can not clear easily; often not at all.   As neighborhoods force the City to re-examine friendlier policies on incentives in the GIID (Greater Infill Incentive District), It doesn’t promise to get easier.  Developers know that early non-committal  feedback can be derived Tuesday afternoons in a pre-submittal meeting with core planning reviewers.  How big would it be to elevate this service to a more integrative and committed process for all building and development issues; starting core infill and adaptive reuse.  The City Manager’s Office, Jame’s McAdam, is looking at aspects of infill development as we speak, probing issues with planning and the economics initiatives office and PDSD.  I forwarded a proposal before this initiative began with the idea of to seeding some examination of permitting and entitlement for smaller infill projects in the core.  See what you think about this process oriented proposal.  View.  Integrative Permitting and Entitlement

I’d like to quote my friend,  David Eisenberg,  “We need regulations that respond to particular places and recognize the possibility of good news-that if done in a deeply integrated and caring way, development can enhance and even help restore and regenerate damaged places”  I would add to regulations, the notion of mindsets and policies

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