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Reprinted with permission of  Adam Smith, Principal Planner, City of Tucson, Planning and Development Services, 837-6951

Time line of “quick fix” LUC amendments

Tuesday, June 22nd –  Mayor & Council: Public hearing at or after 5:30 pm

  • Loading Zone (allows co-location of off-street loading zones within the approach area for dumpster containers and the stacking spaces of drive-through aisles when safety and access issues are appropriately addressed)
  • Development Timeline and Expiration Dates (extends the expiration dates of tentative plats and development plans)

Wednesday, July 7th – Mayor & Council: Public hearing 5:30 pm

  • Zoning Compliance for Existing Site Improvements (aka CofO Relief – allows new uses to move into existing buildings without having to meet all of the zoning requirements, so long as the new use is permitted under the current zoning of the property and existing improvements are maintained)

Thursday, July 8th from 9AM to 11AM

  • LUC committee meeting, Public Works Building, Basement Conference room A

Wednesday, August 4th – Mayor & Council: Public hearing 5:30 pm

  • Reductions in the Number of Required Number of Motor Vehicle Parking (clarifies the performance criteria and deletes the annual review of parking mitigation plans requirement)
  • Urban Overlay District (enabling legislation allowing the creation of transit-oriented overlay districts)

Wednesday, July 21st – Planning Commission: Study Session 6 pm

  • Amendments to the Downtown Area Infill Incentive District creating the Downtown Core District

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