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The Land Use Code as it we know it is on its way out as work on a new Unified Development Code (UDC) will ultimately become Tucson next official planning and zoning guide.  This has all followed recent work aimed a simplifying the LUC and improving and designating development districts to continue efforts of revitalization and simplification.  Land Use Code (LUC) simplification as well the LUC’s committees’s key note project, the downtown core district (DCD) is moving forward.   Some current updates are in downloadable PDF format for your viewing.   A Nov. 23rd Mayor and Council Memorandum summarizes work thus far.  Key issues were identified in Simplification Project Key Issues. A document called General Background Material, time line key planning work, dates, etc,  of significant C.O.T. planning work since June 2009.  Lastly, the Land Use Code Simplification Project is outlined in a powerpoint document.

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