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The Main Gate District is the latest  proposal for a re-zoned urban overlay district (UOD) in Tucson.  One that is nearing completion is DowntownLINKS,  a warehouse district overlay.   To make these happen, the Mayor and Council in August 2010 adopted an urban overlay district enabling ordinance that allows them to initiate a rezoning in parts of the City that they most desire to have the zoning option to develop as transit-oriented development.  Specific re-zoning proposals that fall with the UOD boundaries can later obtain neighborhood input and a consensus on transitions an overlays such as the Main Gate District.  Urban overlay re-zoning proposals will all inevitably border against viable established neighborhoods.   You can view the City’s website for some of their other attempts at spurring urban growth.   The Main Gate District will require  demolitions, particularly where proposed hi-rise zones slam into single story homes that are also designated with an opt-in for hi-density and which will promote ultimately insure removal.   That can be good or bad.  The Main Gate District Plan by  Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott of Boston, Massachusetts can be downloaded for you viewing here.  Main Gate District (PDF)     WUNA’s plan (PDF)     Letter from WUNA (PDF)

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