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Despite the Main Gate District  laying in wait for a ruling on whether the Supreme Court will hear West University’s petition rejection, the City of Tucson is set to hear final recommendations for  a small corner of Speedway and Euclid; “the discussion area”.   This is the outline for Tuesday’s M&C public hearing at 260 S. Church (TCC), estimated time:  6:30 (public agenda items start @ 5:30) –  LINK:  MGD Public Meeting Recommendation.pdf.   The rest of the overlay district is untouched as the first highrise was permitted.pdf and in construction.   The discussion area recommendations given to M&C  offer a small lowering in heights and an exclusion area for bungalows.  The overlay is recommended to be excluded for a half dozen historic dwellings along Euclid.  Sadly, the plan may place them in a state of limbo making them unattractive for preservation investment.  Historic bungalows along the Speedway Portion are recommended to remain in the overlay, effectively insuring their removal for more valuable new MGD multi-story zoning rights.  West University and the Historic Commission do not support the Speedway portion.  One can only wonder about the fate of the Euclid dwellings.  A bold option would have been to turn the corner into a public improvement, acquire the historic houses, and tax the highrise(s) for the cost to restore and re-purpose them.  Your input is encouraged at the Tuesday night meeting.

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