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The District on 5th

$$$Before a quick update,  review “The District on 5th” @ about 50% complete just 14 months ago.   The District on 5th and Neighborhoods.   It has since flipped a record profit.   Some say that is a big success for investor wealth building.  Can this be a success for neighborhoods as our City leaves millions on the table in development concessions; a 60% slash in sewer fees being just one.   For more discussion, read the commentary in a recent piece:  A Core Neighborhood Plan.   Depending on whether you want to make money here or live here, your opinion will vary 180 degrees.  Home-owner occupancy continues to decline near UA related development, because of this.  So, the question of how we create a sustainable core residential ( R1 and R2)  environment in this context is a challenge that has yet to be faced…and it never quit being about money.

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