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The university area community, developers, and planners are invited to an informal meeting at the Ward 6 office, 3202 East 1st Street, on May 4th @ 7:30Pm, large meeting room, to explore the future of neighborhoods surrounding our University and its downtown linkages.   The ward 6 office is just south of Walgreens, east of Country Club on 1st street.  See you there.   This is a privately initiated meeting forum and not a Ward 6 initiative.   People with diverse knowledge of UA neighborhoods and development have been invited to share opinions.  There will some brief  summaries and discussion on the City of Tucson’s  recent downtown initiatives,  neighborhood concern relative to the status of contextual preservation and how the new NPZ ordinance is working or not working,  the University of Arizona’s master plan, edges, and more.  The focus is on an Urban University Interface; stabilizing edges vis-a-vis complimentary private expression of urban form that ultimately enhances preservation of our neighborhoods.  What do you want to see happen?  What are we preserving? What are our options?  How do we get this ball get rolling?   See intent statement.


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The April 15th Issue of the Tucson Weekly talks about a shifting paradigm along the edges of urbanization as building proposals interface with old Tucson neighborhoods.  The Old and the New by Dave Devine is a preview into what’s coming and what neighborhoods really to think hard about; its edges along the university and downtown.  Strong edges and definitive transition guidelines can ultimately strengthen neighborhoods and preserve their interiors.

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