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The $200 million dollar , 4 mile long Tucson urban street car has been an excuse for  a lot of planning activity on the heals of Mayor Walkup’s quick fix initiative 2 years ago  after frustrated voters threatened to recall him.  Much has happened downtown in that time, but not enough for the street car or for the western edge of the university.  Not surprising our new democrat mayor Rothschild has “opened Tucson for business” starting with the big bang of the Tucson’s first UOD (Urban Overlay District), the Main Gate  UOD .    UOD s are large zoning overlays design to fit into the Tucson UOD enabling ordinance adopted by the Walkup administration.  Now it looks like the current Mayor gets to justify the street car.   It is a big buzz and here is a collection of media revolving around it.   Tucson street car official website:    MEDIA COVERAGE   

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