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Infill..Since the real estate crash more than 500 million dollars has poured in the core of Tucson fueled by commercial incentives like the Infill Incentive District (IID).   Now, core residents are concerned about  impact and would like to see a different kind of incentive for infill and edge development that serves to stabilize and not harm their neighborhoods.  They would also like their own brand of incentives.  Here’s what’s happenings:

July 22, DSC, basement Room C @ 6:00PM.  3rd  Planning Commission IID Subcommittee to revise the Infill Incentive District.    This deals with concerns of impact to neighborhoods  from infill development.  A 4th meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 9th.

July 13,  Ward 6 office, 9AM to 12PM.   The Neighborhood Infill Coalition (NIC) is hosting the 2nd neighborhood workshop to seek consensus for neighborhood unity.  Attending will be neighborhood coalitions, leaders and residents.  This follows the 2012 neighborhood symposium, and 3 subsequent resident-staff discussions. 

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Talk upThe pursuit of happiness is an important right in the declaration of independence.  As it turns out,  there is more to it than just a  phrase in the 1776 document.  Now, that notion is a recognized measurable gauge of community and individual well-being.   How this relates to our pursuit of better process in planning Tucson’s core is the measure of social capital necessary for effective and harmonious  action.   Anita Fonte talks about that in her new book, Talk Up Tucson: An Exploration of Community Happiness and Prosperity,  The book focuses on an internationally known  concept that links levels of happiness and prosperity to our well being.  The book reflects on Anita’s  Tucson experience and the work of her company, Community Renaissance.   Following consulting work with Kimley-Horn and the RTA,  she decided to write.  From talking and meeting with community leaders and people in Tucson’s development world she published comments and conclusions that gauge our social capital in building a more inclusive process thereby, more “happiness” for everyone.   Her book is available at Antigone Books and Mostly Books

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