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Rio Nuevo Reconstituted

“In 1999 voters approved the creation of the Rio Nuevo Multipurpose Facilities District (District). The District is both a municipal stadium district and a special taxing district. The voters authorized the District to receive an incremental portion of State-shared funds derived from transaction privilege taxes (i.e. sales tax called TIF Funds) collected from within the District boundaries within the City of Tucson city limits. The District is a State municipal district with the powers, privileges and immunities granted to governmental, municipal corporations for District purposes: a planned multi-faceted development project, including cultural and recreational amenities and improvements, unique historic re-creations, mixed-use developments, etc.”    Statement from Rio Nuevo Reconstituted.   A new reconstituted Rio Nuevo District management emerges.  Reconstituting, as it is defined is  to constitute again or anew; especially  to restore to a former condition.  Maybe reconstitute is not the right word.  This district needs to re-invent itself.  However Rio Nuevo moves forward, we need to understand its impact on inner city neighborhoods with much needed new urban construction and improvements that are coming soon.   Please view and mark their new website and meet the recently appointed  board of directors:   Rio Nuevo — Official Web Site.

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