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This from Ward 3 councilwoman Karen Uhlich:  “The definition indicates that a structure will be considered a Group Dwelling if leased/occupied by 5 or more unrelated persons. Mayor and Council provided direction to ensure that domestic partnerships and dependency relationships (e.g. foster parenting, etc.) will be included in the relationship category (along with relations by blood, law or legal custody).  This approach of defining “group” (5 or more unrelated persons) offers a fair and straightforward way of preserving the intent of R1 and R2 zones…Existing structures currently utilized as Group Dwellings could remain in R1 and R2 zones if owners apply for a conditional use permit. That permit could be revoked if the conditional, group use undermines the area by creating nuisance or criminal problems”  I guess one could say this is better than nothing, but the land use code group home limit for the number of unrelated person living in a household is 2 for R-1 and 4 for R-2.  As welcome as this is for Jefferson Park and Feldmans neighborhoods to protect against the larger mini-dorms, it appears to now expand the LUC to allow future smaller minidorms (group homes) if less than (5) person use the structure.  Ward 6 actually contains much more area within impacted areas, however councilman Steve Kozachik doesn’t thinks mini dorm builder are getting a fair shake.  View this FOX11AZ.com story on the October 12th M&C session for more on Kozachik’s point of view.

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