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Infill..Transition-Stabilization Zones in Tucson’s Urban Core

A resurgence of development from 2008 to 2013, heavy in private student dormitories is now pushing a public dialogue about the impact on core residents.  More than 3,000 new beds in a mile radius of the downtown core coupled with the streetcar project could set the table for retail, services and entertainment sectors to be the next boom in Core Tucson.  How does single family fit into this picture?  At the behest of the Mayor & Council, a Planning Commission subcommittee will try and find out why the GIID’s (greater infill incentive district) biggest project made record profit, but is hurting the future of R1 and R2 zoning in a protected historic district.  The District on 5th is a 700-bed luxury dorm.  While the owners celebrated success, at least six nearby homeowners moved.   As the subcommittee hearings begin, there is an interest in something other than design standards; incentives.

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